Digimind’s new product combines two AI engines to watch and analyze social media

Digimind, the social listening and marketing intelligence platform, today unveiled a new social listening program which it says is the first to use two AI engines to monitor and analyze online conversations.

What it does. The new product combines Digimind’s AI Sense with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. AI Sense monitors social media, blogs, reviews, podcasts and more to detect key events about any brand or topic. It then determines important metrics, such as reach, brand impact and key mentions. This is sent to ChatGPT, which will analyze and summarize it in plain English in real time.

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“It is as if each user gets full access to two dedicated analysts: one data scientist, and one business analyst 24/24, 7/7,” Paul Vivant, Digimind CEO, said in a statement. “This saves hours of analysis and allows our clients to react much faster by having an instant brief on the situation.”

Why we care. You don’t have to look any further than the Twitter-fueled run on Silicon Valley Savings Bank to see how a social media wave can swamp a business. The toughest part of monitoring online conversations is separating wheat and chaff. How do you know what matters and what’s just someone blowing off steam. And how long can you afford to wait for an accessible summary of what’s going on? If this solution does what it promises, it will be a big step forward on this.

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